70% of all Earth's wildlife has been lost in the past 4 decades.

More than 37,000 species are threatened with extinction and in the next decade, up to 1 million species could be lost.

Only you can save them from extinction. Don't let them disappear.

Wildchain is a play-to-impact mobile game that lets you digitally adopt endangered animals and support real-world conservation initiatives.

Your journey begins in the African Savanna - where millions of years ago our species evolved and migrated across this magnificent planet.

Hatch Magic Eggs into animals

Adopt animals with our community

Raise your animals from baby to adult

Fight off threats & solve quests

Build your own wildlife sanctuary

Earn $WILD by playing the game

Real World Virtual World

Real-world animal population data from IUCN Red List

Animals are unique digital counterparts of an animal living in the wild

6,674 cheetahs left in the wild mean 6,674 cheetahs in the game

Virtual World Real World

Protect endangered species

Support wildlife rangers and local communities

Plant trees and offset your carbon footprint

Protect Indigenous lands

Climate Positive Digital Collectibles

Wildchain operates on top of Celo, the world's first carbon-negative blockchain backed by tokenized natural assets.

Mint your adopted animals into planet-positive collectibles and solidify your ownership

Adopt animals from your friends, or give your animals up for adoption to let your fellow virtual conservationists care for them

Donate to wildlife conservation with each adoption

Collect unique digital assets and join the fight against extinction and climate change

As a non-profit-organization, Wildchain donates 100% of its profits from its mobile game to Wildfund. As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Wildfund generates ongoing funding for grass-roots conservationists.

WILD is Wildchain's token:

Game Items & Digital Collectibles

Mint planet-positive digital collectibles

Get in-game items such as Magic Eggs, boosters, gifts, and more

Purchase limited edition items including Impact Collectibles, rare plants, and unique landscapes


Earn $WILD by completing quests

Trade digital collectibles or rare items with other players using WILD

Stake WILD for in-game boosters, or unlocking new habitats


Approve conservation curators who help screen projects that may raise funds on Wildchain

Vote to allocate funds to support conservation initiatives

Help make important decisions to sustain, grow, and scale Wildchain's impact in the world

We are a group of passionate individuals with a love for animals that have come together to form Wildchain.






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